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Catherine, The Diplomatic Reception

DECEMBER 12, 2019

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attended an evening reception for members of the Diplomatic Corps hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday (December 11) in London.

We don't often see the Duchess wearing a tiara (the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara), in fact the last time we saw her wearing one, was back in June, during the state banquet the Queen threw for President Donald Trump during his state visit.

On that occasion she wore a very princessy tiered gown – bridal-esqe some might say – however, the silhouette was very different, and unexpected this time around.

As you know, black isn't my favourite colour, however, this Alexander McQueen gown was so simple, and elegant, I was swept away by the glamour of it all, as it provides the perfect back drop for her accessories to shine.

I would've been even more enamored had she worn the original version of this dress, but the sheer panel waist wouldn't have gone down so well with the Queen, or the majority of the British public methinks.

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